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If you are in possession on this material it is because you, or someone you know has been devastated by the recent flooding event. This tragic act of Mother Nature has undoubtedly turned your world upside down. I have compiled the attached to assist you in your cleanup and recovery. My best advice to you is to not rush to rebuild, but to think thru your decisions keeping in mind the long- term decisions and the implications they have, whether this is your forever home or a transition home. The repair and rebuild decisions you make now, may inadvertently cost you more money in the future on flood insurance premiums or compromise the resale value or appeal. My best advice is before you rebuild, please consult with a mitigation professional, so that you are making informed decisions, which are in your best interest.

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Lisa has shown a long-term commitment to floodplain management and hazard mitigation. Her focus has always been providing the greatest value back to the end user...the public. Her ideas and overall vision for the continued evolution of hazard identification, mitigation, and outreach are a benefit to the advancement of programs to ensure public safety. Every opportunity I have had to work with Lisa has proven to be productive and engaging.

Andy Hadsell
Senior Associate Engineer, Unit Manager at Amec Foster Wheeler